Arena 3v3 Rating

We will provide Arena rating carry with you playing your character since it is the safest way to get rating. You will also get honor levels, 370-380 ilvl gear, elite apperance set, and also achievements at the end of season. Also azerite, an elite tabard and an enchant for your weapon.

  • You will choose a rating(probably higher than 2000)
  • You will play your character without paying anything extra
  • Honor levels which gives rewards such as mounts
  • You wil get upto 385 ilvl gear depending on the rating
  • You will get an Elite PvP set
  • This service also includes achievements like threes company 2000
  • You will get some titles such as: Combatant, challenger, Rivar or Duelist
  • At 2100 rating you will get an Elite Weapon enchant and at 2400 rating you will get a tabard

Below you can see the rewards depending on the rating

1500 rating, Combatant – 365 ilvl weekly item + Elite appearance (Bracers + Belt )
1600 rating, Challenger – 370 ilvl weekly item + Elite appearance (Gloves, Legs, Booots)
1800 rating, Rival – 375 ilvl weekly item + Full Elite set
2100 rating, Duelist – 380 ilvl weekly item + Weapon Enchant
2400 rating, Gladiator – 385 ilvl weekly item + tabard


  • 120 Level character
  • 340+ ilvl on the character
  • Required time for the service may differ character to character since it depends on your PvP item level and current arena rating. You can contact our customer service to learn more about it. Also at the start of NEW seasons, required time might increase.

Arena 3v3 Rating


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