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Battle of Dazar’Alor Boost has arrived!

World of Warcraft Battle of Dazar’alor, BFA’s second raid is upon us!

Are Battle of Dazar’alor titles what you are after?

Is it the gear that intrigues you?

Maybe completing the raid at the highest difficulty alongside high skilled players is something that you fancy. In this case, don’t hesitate to check out our Battle of Dazar’Alor Boost service!

What is World of Warcraft Battle of Dazar’alor?

Opening on January 22 (23rd Europe), Battle of Dazar’alor is BFA’s second raid. It consists of 9 boss battles, all different depending on your faction. The raid is special in the fact that the bosses you face as the Alliance, aren’t the same your friend on the Horde side fights. Dazar’alor is the city that once stood at the center of the powerful Zandalari empire. Now, war rages over it and while the Alliance is intending to siege it, the Hordes task is the defense of the city.

Why should you task us with boosting you in this raid?

In our Battle of Dazar’Alor carry, you will defeat all the bosses in and take their gear for yourself. Instead of taking your time and slowly climbing up that guild ladder, allow us to help you. There is no need to pay your dues somewhere when you can simply hire us to take good care of you. Loot runs, achievement runs, mount runs and most importantly the Cutting Edge title can be all yours. Reaching 415+ Ilvl is as easy as a few clicks.

How can we help you?

Our professional World of Warcraft team is standing at your disposal. Allow our raid teams to carry you. Alternatively, we can pilot your account through the raid. Therefore, providing easy customization for you, so you can choose your best fit. We can operate in any region or difficulty. Also, we have a VIP run where our staff chooses the best difficulty for the progression of your character. To ensure safety, we are using the best VPNs to protect your account. Please note, this is not a bot service. Furthermore, all of our runs are done by hand. Also, there is a refund policy where if we cannot find you a run within 48 hours, you are entitled to a full refund!

In short, becoming a mythic raider has never been easier! Simply let us know what you need and it shall be done.

I knew that if the feat was accomplished it must be at a most fearful sacrifice of as brave and gallant soldiers as ever engaged in battle.

John B. Hood

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