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WoW RBG Boost is coming to a realm near you!

Pay close attention to your RBG rating because it might skyrocket, just by us being in the vicinity.

What is a WoW RBG Boost?

World of Warcraft rated battlegrounds (RBGs) are a structured 10 vs 10 player battlegrounds. Unlike pubs, RBGs take a full raid group of 10 to join. The organization and strategies are far more complex than pubs or arenas. You can form your own 10 man squads or join someone else’s. Rated battlegrounds take far longer to organize and play, that’s why the rewards from them are far greater as well. Rated battlegrounds are far more diverse than its counterpart, the arena.

Why choose our services?

There is a very big difference between playing with professionals and playing with people with high ranks. Our team is consisting of proven pros who have even competed at Blizzcon. Raising your MMR for World of Warcraft rated battlegrounds can be quite the task if you are queuing by yourself. Finding the right team that fits you is a near impossible task. Why not have the best team that can help you win? In the time it would take you to join or organize your own RBG group, you will have finished 4 with us. It’s really a no brainer.

How does the boost work?

First, you will have to let us know your current rating and your desired rating. Of course, the higher the discrepancy between them, the longer you will need to use our services. Second, you will need to tell us which option would you prefer, Self-play or pilot. While Self-play might be safer, it takes longer to finish the boost. Piloting your account ensures maximum efficiency. Next, tell us the time frame that you would like us to operate in. We can organize our runs according to your schedule. When piloting your account, our boosters will use the best VPNs to ensure maximum security. Lastly, you need to decide how quickly you want the boost.

When you purchase the WoW RBG Boost, for small additional charges, you can choose other perks. Like, winning one more World of Warcraft rated battleground the following week so you can ensure another weekly RBG chest. Or maybe, gaining 20 more MMR than your desired rating (i.e. 2200) to avoid any suspicion.

Allow our gladiators to take you through incredible victories and amazing heights of MMR.

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