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WoW Questing Boost

Did you know there are 27722 World of Warcraft quests?

Let’s take a look at what quests are first.

World of Warcraft quests are mini adventures that your character sets out to do. They usually involve some kind of a deed required from you in order to receive a reward. Above all, the most coveted reward from Quests is the experienceCompleting quests awards you with experience and thus advancing your level. However, there are a few different types of quests. Some, done mainly for the experience and some are done for the other rewards, such as items. There are in fact so many quests that shops such as ourselves offer WoW Questing Boost services to speed up the progress significantly.

What are the biggest groups of quests?

  • Zone quests
  • Dungeon/raid quests
  • Repeatable quests
  • World Quests
  • Other quests

Zone quests

Zone quests are the quests you complete on your journey across Azeroth. You can find these quests within quest hubs in every zone. Zone quests involve you helping the denizens of the zone with their various problems. Their main reward is experience for your character and reputation with the faction. Also, they award common and uncommon rarity gear which you quickly out-level.

Dungeon/Raid quests

Dungeon/raid quests are the quests you complete within a certain instance. They are usually killing x amount of mobs or collecting items found in the instance. These quests can be awarded at the entry of the instance by an NPC character.

Repeatable Quests

Repeatable quests are daily, weekly, or monthly quests. They serve as a way for your character to advance in the reputation with the faction gives them out. Completionists come back to every zone and grind these quests out until they max the reputation connected to them. Most noteworthy, quests of this kind are usually found on zones that came out before World of Warcraft: Legion.

World Quests

World quests were introduced in Legion. They are quests that spawn at certain times at a certain place on the map. They serve as a way to progress your character and your reputation in a certain zone. However, World quests do not have the traditional quest giver. Once you are in the vicinity of where the quest takes place, you will automatically participate in it. Additionally, you can use the group finder to find people on the same quest as you, to speed up the completion. For maximum efficiency, you should do these quests at least once a day.

Most notable other quests involve the quest chains for Allied races and the War Campaign. Completing the Allied races quests will unlock brand new races for your account. Similarly, you can use these new races to create alts or even change your current race to them using a token. On the other hand, the War campaign quest line has you completing various quests in your factions efforts in the Blood War in Battle for Azeroth. It awards the Ready for War title.

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