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WoW Profession Boost

World of Warcraft Professions are and always will be the most reliable gold making activity in the game! Don’t hesitate to try out our WoW Profession Boost service!

I challenge you to open a WoW money making guide, without it having a section for professions in it! But what are these professions and how do you profit from them?

Professions are a set of non-combat skills. Professions are basic skills that involve you collecting, mining, skinning materials from different sources in Azeroth. There are 14 professions in total and each one has their uses. Leveling these up will unlock newer, better and most importantly more profitable results.

Why should you let us level your World of Warcraft Professions for you?

Stopping to skin a bear, mine the ore or pick the herb proves to be a hindrance to most players. Interrupting the flow of your gameplay unless you are really used to it and have been doing it for years. Even then, you have to organize your bags, learn the recipes and much more.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could only worry about the high tier recipes?  World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth brought a new age of professions. Now you do not need the previous tiers (expansions) of the professions to advance However, you do need the lower tiers of BFA recipes crafted in order to produce the stronger variant of the product.

How can we help you?

Our WoW Profession Boost will do the grindy and tedious parts for you.  You will tell us what time is convenient and we will create our schedule around yours. After that, just enjoy while we do the heavy lifting. We offer you a completely safe and pain-free way to get any World of Warcraft profession maxed in the game. We wouldn’t be able to uphold and maintain our services without keeping to certain standards! While playing for you, our pilot will use VPN, private live stream and other monitoring tools. In addition to protecting you, we are using these tools to ensure maximum efficiency. While you are at school, work, family event or sipping piña coladas on a beach somewhere your character will be tinkering about. Fast, efficient and secure!

Maxing your World of Warcraft professions has never been easier!

Our primary concern is customer satisfaction. We are confident we can find a way to help you out! Contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible with an answer.

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