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WoW Character Leveling is here!

We all know how mind-numbing it is to level all your alts from level 110-120. That is why we brought our WoW Character Leveling service online!

What is WoW Character Leveling?

With every new expansion, Blizzard raises the level cap of the game. To battle the bore that is leveling for 110 levels before reaching the newest content, they have introduced their Leveling boost, purchased from the store. What the Blizzard leveling boost does is, it gets you from any level up to the starting level for the newest expansion. For instance, for BFA that is level 110, for Legion, it was level 100. While they let you skip most of the levels, they still want you to play the current leveling content. This is where our WoW Character Leveling service comes in.

Why do you need our World of Warcraft leveling boost? 

Playing the current expansion is fun, the first time. After you have seen and done everything once, it is quite a painful experience doing it all over again. Our World of Warcraft leveling boost will take you from any level 110+ up to the level cap. Besides, saving you a few days snoozefest, we will complete the leveling process much faster. Our team has optimized routes, questing, and progression in general. Instead of it taking days for you, it only takes hours for us. Get your character to level cap while you sleep or hang out with your real life friends and family! When you come back, your character will be max-level. Also, if you want, you can pair this with our other services for gearing. Have your character locked and ready for raids and Mythic + within days.

How can we help you?

Once your character is at level 110, feel free to contact us. We can achieve any level goal for you, not just the level cap. Give us your schedule and we will find you a booster in our team that can take that time frame. Self-play is not an option in our World of Warcraft leveling boost because speed is key. Our booster/pilot will be using a VPN to trick Blizzard into thinking it is you that is playing, thus ensuring maximum security. As soon as the boost is done, we will hand back your account. Furthermore, at your request we can provide a private live stream where you can watch the progress of our booster, providing you with complete control over the process.

Don’t allow your alts to get left behind when capping them is this easy!

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