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Why even to Buy WoW Item or Items

Sometimes the only thing that’s the difference between victory and defeat is the gear you use! It’s important to fully understand World of Warcraft items and gear!

How did the Item level come to be and how to determine if you need an item or gear?


Before the days of Item levels, the most important thing was the attributes it has provided. Depending on your class, you would equip the item that gives you the most in a certain attribute. There are Primary and Secondary attributes. Primary attributes are Stamina, Strenght, Intellect, and Agility. Secondary stats are Crit rating, Haste, Mastery, and versatility. Every piece of gear is assigned 2 primary attributes. Depending on which specialization you are, you will get the corresponding attribute.

How to decide which attributes to go for? For instance, an item that provides intellect would suit the casters best. On the other hand, melee classes like the Warrior, Paladin or Death Knight would prefer Strength. Secondary stats are strongly related to the way you wish to play your class. Switching your specialization will not change your items secondary attributes. So choosing your gear, in most cases means choosing the secondary you will need.


GearScoreIn order to help the newcomers, in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, a plugin was created. This plugin, GearScore, measured the maximum potency of your gear. This plugin saved a lot of time for your group leader when you applied to join. It would add a numerical value to the gear of your character. The better the gear, the higher the value. This value measures if someone is good enough to be invited to a raid or dungeon. The plugin was the basis for the Item level system we know today.

World of Warcraft Item level (ilvl)

Item level is a newer, improved system, that works on a similar basis. The average item level the gear you are wearing will decide your overall ilvl. The rarity and usefulness determine the item level of the gear. Preferably you need to take the highest ilvl item when you gear. When you first hit the level cap, almost every item you get will be an improvement over the ones you get. However, once you start min-maxing, you might opt out of stronger items and Buy some WoW Items or gear with more useful secondaries for your play style.

First of all the climb for World of Warcraft item level is a steep one. Another problem is that world quests give you items similar or near your own Item level. Finally, your item level is the deciding factor which dungeons you can join. If you cannot increase your ilvl, you cannot join the dungeon. But if you don’t join the dungeon, you cannot increase your ilvl. It’s a vicious circle.

If you want to skip the long climb of World of Warcraft item levels, we might be able to assist you as you can simply Buy WoW Items and gear in our store at great prices!

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