WoW Dungeons Boost

The greatest displays of bravery, glory, and heroism are always when facing the greatest adversities. The World of Warcraft Dungeons and RaidsOur WoW Dungeons Boost is an ideal solution no matter which dungeon or raid you want to clear!

What are World of Warcraft dungeons and raids?

There has always been friction between the hardcore players and the “filthy” casuals about what content should be prioritized. Which content should be harder and less accessible and which should be easier and open and available to all. World of Warcraft dungeons and raids have been a hot topic for discussion. The introduction of different tiers has made it easier, now more so than ever, to experience the game regardless of how hardcore you are. Modes such as LFR (Looking for Raid), Normal mode and Heroic have maintained relative ease of access and have acted as stepping stones to what most consider “the real endgame”. Allowing only those worthy of the challenge to step forward and test their metal. However, not everyone gets to see the real challenge mode of Mythic raiding and Mythic +.

Let us take a look into the parts of WoW, where only the bravest adventurers go!

Mythic + Dungeons

If you feel like completing dungeons on Heroic is becoming boring, you might want to look into Mythic +. Mythic + offers a dozen different mechanics that change the gameplay of any dungeon completely. Clearing a dungeon on Mythic + requires careful planning not just for the stronger monsters, but also for the affixes. An affix can change the way a dungeon is played, like which classes are best for and affix and the mentality you need to bring. Changing on a weekly basis, affixes create an almost completely different instance. To truly master your class, you need to learn how to play a dungeon, given these changing circumstances.

If you do not want to trouble yourself with that and only get the rewards, take a look at what we can do for you with our WoW Dungeons Boost service!

The World of Warcraft Raiding experience.

The very first thing you need to do, if you want to join Mythic raiding, is to find a guild that raids regularly. That’s why the best time to guild-hop or join a guild is before a new raid tier comes out. Everyone is either building or rebuilding after a tier is cleared, in anticipation for the next one.

Now, you need to look for a guild which has the same raiding schedule as your free time. Also, you need to find a guild that requires your class. Once you have found one that matches those criteria then you can begin the process of joining.  To join a proper Mythic guild, you will most likely need to fill out an application, do an interview and a test run. Then, if you have the proper gear, did well and they like what you bring to the table they will invite you. And here your Mythic raiding adventure can begin!

If you don’t want to go through all that hassle our WoW Dungeons Boost is available 24/7. We will invite you no matter your class and gear!

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