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Allied Races Boost

You are in luck! Our Allied Races Boost is now available via our services.

What are the World of Warcraft allied races?

World of Warcraft allied races are the newest sub-races introduced at the end of World of Warcraft: Legion. During your adventures in Legion and Battle for Azeroth, you will encounter these alternate versions of the main races. They are using the same skeleton of the main race, just equipped with different models, racial abilities and storylines. The end of Legion and the beginning of BFA had the Alliance and the Horde needing to boost their numbers for the upcoming faction war. It’s your job, as the hero of your faction, to recruit these new races into it. But recruiting them is not so easy. First, you have to become renowned between them. Then, you have to help the allied race with their struggles. Finally, you have to convince them to join you, and not the opposing faction. There are a grand total of 8 allied races as of BFA 8.1!

Why should you hire us for the job?

Unlocking the World of Warcraft allied races is not an easy task. As we mentioned before, this is an intricate process with a lot of grinding and questing.  Assuming you have leveled in Legion and BFA, that means that you have already started the completion of this task. However, most of the people we encounter have either lost themselves in the process and don’t know how to continue or have been bored by the long quest chains. This is where we come in. We can pick up your character from any point in the chain and breeze through it. Where some people take months to complete these grinds, our team will take only a few weeks. Instead of searching in your quest tab or flying around to see which quest you have forgotten to pick up. Call our team of superheroes to do it for you!

How can we help?

Think of us as your personal little elves. While you sleep or are busy with Real life, we complete all your desired content. Unfortunately, Piloting is the only option available for this type of service. This is to ensure maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction. First, you have to make an order of which World of Warcraft allied race you want to be unlocked. Then, we will contact you and arrange a time schedule, that suits you the best, where our pilot can play your account. To increase safety, we are using the best VPNs and setting up a private live stream so you can monitor our service. Once we finish the task we will notify you and our pilot will hand back the account to you.

Don’t trouble yourself with these old and boring content grinds. Let us take the best care of you and unlock any World of Warcraft allied race you desire!  It’s just a few clicks away 

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