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With the largest threat to the world of Azeroth terminated, the Alliance and Horde now turn towards each other. World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth has begun!

Battle for Azeroth and it’s storyline

In Legion, our two factions found themselves working tirelessly together to deal with the threat of Sargeras. Primarily, cleansing Azeroth of the invasion of the burning legion was the only goal. Then, we decided to end the Legion once and for all by invading Argus, the demon’s main planet! That way, we will stop any further threats from the Legion. We managed to defeat the Legion on Argus and defeat Sargeras in the seat of the Pantheon. However, with his last breath as a free titan, he stabbed our planet with his sword.

Now, our planet, Azeroth – the strongest world soul is bleeding. The blood pouring out, called Azerite, is very powerful. Whoever manages to get more of it, will ultimately have an edge over the other Faction. Instead of working together and healing our world, we have engaged in a war!

Key features in World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth

  • Azerite

Replacing the Legion’s system of AP (Artifact Power), BfA introduces a new system of collecting Azerite. Instead of spending your power on the plethora of weapons, now you will only need to charge your Heart of Azeroth. In most situations, this new system improves where the old Legion one lacked. However, it is not perfect. There are obscene amounts of Azerite that you must grind in order to become stronger. Buying Azerite is one of the BFA Services that we offer in our shop!

  • Island Expeditions

Island expeditions are a new feature added in BFA. They are 3-man scenarios that require you to hop on an uncharted island and collect all the Azerite there! However, uncharted does not mean uninhabited. On your expeditions, you will encounter a large number of different enemies you will need to deal with before getting the Azerite. Also, you need to not only fight the inhabitants of that island. You will need to square up against the opposing faction and collect more Azerite then them! You can also find Island Expeditions in our BFA Services shop section!

  • War campaign

The War campaign in BFA uses the mission table system first introduced in Warlords of Draenor. In this system, you will send out your followers to carry out missions for you in Kul Tiras and Zandalar. In order to carry out your missions, your follower requires War resources. However, War campaigns are not as rewarding as the Order advancements table that we had in Legion. But, they can provide assistance to you in your Warfronts and Island expeditions. War campaigns are yet another BFA only Service!

  • Warfronts

Warfronts have been greatly inspired by the RTS elements of Warcraft III. They see you, as the leader, commanding your troops in battle. You can create outposts, set-up supply lines, train your troops and take over the enemies stronghold! In Warfronts, you are put up with 19 other people in a large scale PvE war. The fight and victory in the Warfronts are of utmost importance to winning the Blood War! Warfonts have never been easier to complete using our BFA Services!

If you wish to be raid ready and win the war for your faction, check out all our services in our BFA Services section! With the help of our services, you will be Raid ready and on the field of battle in no-time!

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