Top Three Reasons to Get an Item Level Boost in WoW

WoW Item Level Boost

Have you been thinking about getting an item level boost in WoW, but you aren’t sure what the benefits of it would be? Then consider the fact that your toon would be able to do a lot more with a few simple upgrades. Having a higher item level opens up your toon to higher level raids and dungeons. However, it can be difficult to accomplish if you are limited on playtime. That is where an item level boost comes in. You can either run with a group that’s premade, or you can have someone do the runs for you. That way, when you do get to play, all of the hard work is done!

You Have Access to Better Content with an Item Level Boost

All of the best end game content depends on your I-level. If you are just a little too low, then you may not be able to join in those groups. By getting an item level boost, you then get to be high enough to enjoy what that part of the game has to offer.

An Item Level Boost Skips You Past the Hard Work

It takes a lot of grinding to get your character where you want them to be. You have to run the same dungeons and raids, sometimes with PUGs, which can be more of a headache than you may want. By opting to buy an item level boost, you get to the fun part of the game without that hassle. You get to play, how you want, without having to play catch-up to your friends who may get to play more than you, too.

Your Toon Becomes More Powerful the Higher Your Item Level Gets

The power that comes along with increased item levels is easy to see. Even one gear upgrade can make a difference. You can quickly become a more powerful healer, tank, or DPS for your group. If you go through and get an item level boost, you get to have those powers now, instead of waiting. That lets you instantly become a more important part of your normal group.

Those are some great reasons to consider an item level boost. If you are to the point where you are excited to see what your toon will be capable of with a higher item level, contact us here at We are happy to help with anything from an item level boost up to helping you buy the best mounts in the game!

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