Preparing for World of Warcraft Classic

Preparing for World of Warcraft Classic

After 15 years, this summer will mark the re-release of World of Warcraft Vanilla. It took 15 years of pleading, petitioning and boycotting retail World of Warcraft, but the Classic community finally prevailed. Today we will take a look at how you should be preparing for World of Warcraft classic.

The most important thing to do is research. But what should you research? Now, we will take a look at 3 aspects you should definitely look into before the official release of World of Warcraft classic on August 27th, 2019.

Races and classes

Character creation screen in Preparing for World of Warcraft Classic

The first problem you have to solve, in order to begin your journey, is what will you play? Unluckily, the first step to preparing for World of Warcraft Classic is actually a hard one. Classic will not offer boosting services to level 50. In turn, this means that you will have to properly level your class in order to see later content.

In order to see if you like the class, you will need to unlock the full potential of it, which requires reaching higher levels and in some cases end game. The last thing you want to do is reaching the level cap and realizing that you are not enjoying your class. The rerolling process is absolutely brutal. As it usually takes over a month of leveling to even get to level 40-50, that means we are talking a few months until level 60. Also make sure to love the spec you choose, as constantly respeccing in Vanilla is extremely costly. First choose a class, then a specialization then a race.

Why not simply play World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth to pick a class?

The classes that existed in Vanilla, no longer do. Most of them have been completely overhauled. For example, take the artifacts that we received in Legion. When they were stripped away in BFA, some classes felt completely different, and here we are talking about one skill. Imagine what 15 years of development means to a class. What we suggest is do maximum research on the available classes. See how they progress through the leveling stages, how they fare end game and how they deal with PvP situations. Everything in Vanilla has been well documented in preserved; you can find loads of information regarding these topics. Ask and find the answer to these following questions before proceeding:

Do I like the lore of the class? – This is vital as you will be represented by it in your Vanilla experience

How well does the class fare in the leveling process? – This is key, as burning out in the leveling means never reaching end-game.

How is the class at max level? – Is it viable for raids? Can it grind easily? What will be my job in those raids?

Is your current class really want you want to play in Vanilla? Preparing for World of Warcraft Classic

How will the class deal in PvP situations? – PvP is an incredible aspect of World of Warcraft classic, you will want to participate to get the most out of your gaming experience.

Pick a leveling path… or don’t!

Leveling zones in world of warcraft classic

This is a choice you need to make. But it’s not a simple one, it’s actually apples and oranges when it comes to your Vanilla experience. Nowadays you can spend hours of researching the perfect, best, fastest and smoothest leveling path in the game. But is that something you want? The true Vanilla experience is a place of not-knowing, a place where everything is brand new. If you decide to have the authentic Vanilla experience, don’t research our 2nd topic at all. However, should you choose to do so, make sure to pick the correct one. In order to do so, go ahead, ask and answer these questions for yourself:

What does my class specialize in at which level? – Some classes are much better at grinding than others, which in turn means, you can skip some long quests in order to catch up later with grinding mobs. Some classes are pretty horrible grinders, which leaves you to do every single quest and instance to gain levels.

The races of world of warcraft classic

Depending if you are Horde or Alliance, you will need to choose a different approach to leveling. Firstly, where should you start? Secondly, where and how to continue afterward? Lastly, what do these zones yield? In the magical World of Vanilla, there are hidden gems everywhere. For instance, the best in slot end game helm for a feral druid is a level 45 blue helm.

At which levels and which instances should you join for maximum efficiency?

These are one of the more recommended leveling paths to check out if you are preparing for World of Warcraft Classic.



Many people may disagree with our choice here, but join a private realm

In the words of the great Illidan: “You are not prepared “. World of Warcraft Vanilla was much harder than our current WoW ( contrary to the name). The leveling is slower, gold is scarce, everything can kill you, the classes are slower in general and the World all together is a much tougher place than our current World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth. If you don’t believe me, head over to a random private realm and try to pull more than 2 mobs at level 1. I dare you. Attaining that play-style is key to preparing for World of Warcraft Classic.

Corpsewalk in world of warcraft

The sooner you get accustomed to the generally tougher life in Classic, the better. Also, if you have started after the Cataclysm and want to speed level in the classic realm, you will find that you do not really know that world. With the Cataclysm revamp, key features were removed or added.

Why a private realm?

Testing out a private realm can be extremely beneficial to you. Firstly, most private servers are free. Secondly, playing your class/spec first hand will give you much better understand than simply reading about it. Thirdly, getting accustomed to the Vanilla world, where the spawns are, where the NPCs are is crucial to having a fast start when Classic drops. Lastly, private realms give you the opportunity to reach the level cap on your spec and test it out there. Without having to invest a substantial amount of time into your character.

Getting level 60 in world of warcraft classic

Alas, we have come to the end of our little journey called “Preparing for World of Warcraft Classic”. We sincerely hope we reminded you of some things to do before Classic launches. Or perhaps, you are already ready and we just helped you check your readiness all together. If you have asked and answered all the questions in our post, you sure are ready for it. However, if you did not. Good luck!

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