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WoW Classic Boost. WoW Classic Power Leveling. BattleBoost to the rescue!

With our flexible options in WoW Classic boost (single-levels possible) and WoW Classic Power Leveling(1-60), give your timeless Hero a much-required boost in a record time without losing a game!

Give your timeless Wow Hero a Wow classic boost! You know you are here for an adventure of a lifetime. There is no time to lose now.

We will never ever let your hero down. Our team of WoW experts at BattleBoost, work all day and night to ensure your “Human Paladin”, “Gnome Mage”, “Rogue Troll” or any combination Hero, to always stay ahead of the game. Be it a new character you want to create with an added Wow classic boost or want to
level up your existing character and be all mean and powerful with our Wow Classic power leveling, we’ve got you covered.

With our Wow Classic Power Leveling, we will help race your Hero to your desired level, no matter which level he is in when you hand him over to us.

If you’re in need of gearing an Alt, or too busy to run to do it yourself, just hit up BattleBoost for all your needs.

All the collectibles and gold we win along the journey are yours to keep!
While our competitors take weeks to boost your Hero to reach your desired level, we literally get you started in hours.

We’ve helped our customers boost level 1-60 in about 6 days flat. If there is any slight delay from our part due to any issues, we offer you a FREE gift to make up for it.

Wow Classic power leveling is for you if you want to boost your Hero to match up to your friends and foes alike. Or create a new timeless WoW hero from scratch.

You wouldn’t find a cheaper option than our Wow Classic Boost and Wow Classic Power Leveling to level up to a higher level in a short time.

• Just choose your “Current Level” and your “Desired Level” to get custom quotes for every boost.
• Earn loyalty points with your every purchase and redeem them on your next order.
• Exiting part of the game starts from higher levels. Don’t lose your energy and burn out in the lower levels.
• Leave the initial quests and dungeon runs to us. Before you run out your game time, let us do the magic for you.
• Our professional team is at your service 24/7 to help you get a boost of your choice for any and all of your characters.
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