Uldir Heroic Run

Uldir Heroic boost is a great way to gear your character up. You will be getting 370 ilvl loot, azerite armor and achievements. You will be raiding with the best boosting team and get your loot and achievements.

  • 8/8 Bosses on Heroic
  • Runs which takes less than 2 hours
  • You will be getting achievements such as: halls of containment,crimson descent, heart of corruption
  • Loot will drop to your bag thanks to personal loot feature
  • By sharing your login and password with our boosting team, we will play your character for you

Extra Options:

  • You can choose to play your character instead of letting our team playing it for you
  • You can have an option to get 1-7 booster in raid who has the same armor type as your character. These boosters will not be saved to the instance so they will be able to trade you all the gear they receive.

Extra loot:

  • If you choose default option, the loot you get will not be guaranteed and will be dependent on your luck
  • If you get 3 boosters in raid, you can get 4+ guaranteed different items
  • If you get 5 boosters in raid, you can get 6+ guaranteed different items
  • If you get 7 boosters in raid, you can get 10+ guaranteed different items


  • 120 Level character
  • Fresh(non-saved) raid lockout
  • If you choose to play your character you have to hit the boss at least once so you will be eligible for the loot

You account will be safe since we don’t ask your secret question.

Uldir Heroic Run


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