What do we offer?

We offer you a fast and safe ladder experience. Our professional players will get your account to legend as fast as possible.
We offer this service for every region, Standard or Wild does not matter. You choose your desired rank and we will get it done. You can also watch our boosters via in-game spectate option without paying anything.

In order for us to play your account we need your account information, it is completely safe. However, if you still don’t want to share your account information we still offer Skype and Teamviewer options for you. If you choose this option, our players will just tell you what cards to play through your matches.

Being a Legend

– Achieving Legend rank gives you a unique card back
– You will be able to play with famous streamers, if you reached legend at the start of the season this will be more likely
– You will get the highest treasure boxes at the end of the season.
– You will get a head start at the start of the next season

Hearthstone Rank Boost


Hearthstone Rank Boost

Climbing the ladder in Heartstone can be grindy. First you have to win a lot of game with win streaks so you can reach rank 5 faster. After that you will not get the help of win streak mechanism which gives you an extra star for every win. So you have to win more than you lose. However, if you climb higher than rank 1, you will be a LEGEND. Only 2000 to 3000 people can achieve that every season, in their region. And after 1 month it will reset so you have to start climbing again. But if you achieve the LEGEND status you will earn a unique card back which you can use as a symbol of your achievement.

How long doest it take?

Mostly it takes 1 to 3 days depending on your current rank and your desired rank. Usually it can take a bit longer if it is the start of the season.


  • A battle.net account
  • For legend rank or higher ranks you will need at least one of the meta decks.
  • If you choose the sharescreen option, you need to have a convenient internet speed.( Probably around 2 MB/s)

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