Nemsy Necrofizzle

Don’t let Nemsy Necrofizzle’s small size and penchant for peaches fool you: behind those pigtails and goggles hides one of the most powerful Warlocks alive. Nemsy is utterly fearless, sharp as a razor, and she’s always cool under pressure. After all, you can’t command fel energies or summon horrifying demons from the twisting nether just by being nice. She’s your perky little pal—and a bonafide fel-flinging, soul-destroying mistress of dark forces!

Nemsy loves it when her foes underestimate her. Appearances can be deceiving, and she knows that it’s what lies beneath the surface that counts.

What do we offer?

We will log your account from a Fireside Tavern Gathering and play a game in Brawl Mode that which will grant you her unique Golden Hero Portrait. Once you have it, it’s yours to keep forever!

How long doest it take?

Anywhere from a couple of minutes to a couple of days. It depends on the day and time of the next Gathering Event


  • A Heartstone account
  • Your login details to unlock Nemsy

Nemsy Necrofizzle


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