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HearthStone Heroes Boost

Jaina Proudmoore is such a cliché hero! Why not become Medivh or even Khadgar? Perhaps Golden Jaina!

We all know being Tyrande Whisperwind is much more appealing than being cry-baby Anduin!

What are the HeartHstone heroes?

In the game of Hearthstone, you need one hero of your minions. One to represent yourself as the supreme leader of your deck. Outside and inside of battle, the heroes are your champions through which you command your armies. There are a total of 9 classes. Classes are a type of heroes and they work similarly like they do in World of Warcraft. Hearthstone heroes are preset lore characters from Warcraft representing the class. However, defeating that class in Play mode will unlock that class for you as well. If you defeat a paladin, you will get Uther the Lightbringer. However, if you defeat a druid, you will acquire Malfurion Stormrage, and so on. Once unlocked, the classes can be leveled up.

But as these lore characters are preset, does that mean I cannot change them? No! You absolutely can alter between different lore characters, as they only act as skins for your class. Also, you will not lose any progress towards your class if you change your hero.

So, how do you go about acquiring new Hearthstone heroes?

First of all, we were all once poor and simple Jaina Proudmores, so we understand how you feel. Most alternate heroes in Hearthstone require a real money purchase. On the other hand, some can be unlocked by doing Blizzard-in-game tasks. Such as getting a friend referral or defeating the Lich King in Hearthstone on all classes. Some heroes have their own unique card backs. Since Blizzard tries to cross-sell their games it can be quite bothersome to play just long enough to get the HearthStone reward. This is where our HearthStone Heroes Boost comes in.

Once I unlock all the Hearthstone heroes, is that it?

Absolutely not! There are golden variants of that hero as well. To unlock the golden variant of a class, you will need to accumulate 500 wins on that class. The golden variants of the class do not actually make your in-battle hero stronger. They provide cosmetic upgrades, such as new and incredible animations and golden portraits for your class. Also, weapons and minions will be affected by the golden variants too! Unlocking all of the golden heroes does take some time, as you will need to be victorious in over 5000 battles.

Does winning 5000+ battles to unlock your golden heroes seem like a daunting task? Do not worry, we have a solution for you! We can get those golden variants for you with our HearthStone Heroes Boost service in no time!

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