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What are the Hearthstone adventures?

Hearthstone adventures is a single-player game mode. They have you battling themed matches against computer-controlled opponents. Depending on the adventure, you will face different heroes and cards in your battles! Also, the music and the art will be in tune with your setting. Adventures are a way to acquire new cards for your deck. By defeating the bosses and the class challenges you can acquire up to 45 new, neutral and class cards. Adventures are a discontinued game mode. However, you can still complete them and acquire all legendary cards available in them.

How to complete an Adventure?

Each adventure has multiple wings.  However, to enter a specific wing of an adventure, you will need to first purchase it. Either by in-game gold or by real money. You cannot purchase or enter a wing unless you have previously acquired the one that precedes it. Each wing within the adventure is comprised of encounters or boss battles, and one or several Class Challenges.

There are two types of encounters. First, you have the standard boss encounter which pits you against a boss you have to defeat. Unlike regular game mode, these battles are not on a timer, so you can take as long as you like. Second, you have escape encounters which require you to survive the battle for a specific amount of turns. Once you have all the wings, and their encounters defeated, you will have completed the Adventure. Since you are playing against the computer adventures are not particularly interesting to most people, yet you might still need those reward cards. The easiest way to complete these adventures is to buy HearthStone Adventure Boost services!

What rewards can I earn from Hearthstone Adventures?

Completing the encounters awards you with an adventure card.  Furthermore, for each wing you complete you will be awarded additional cards. Cards can range from common to Legendary. In Hearthstone Adventures there are two levels of difficulty. To begin with, you have the Normal mode. Normal mode is the easier of the two, designed to be beatable by even the classic decks. Next, there is the Heroic mode, the harder difficulty. In order to enter the heroic mode of an adventure, you will first need to have it completed in Normal. Heroic difficulty is a true test of your abilities! However, at the end of the Heroic mode, you are rewarded with the card back used by the bosses in that adventure.

Completing the adventures is a long and tiresome process. Don’t waste your time reading guides, testing and constructing your deck! Completion is now as easy as a few clicks of a mouse with our HearthStone Adventure Boost services!

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