Hearthstone Puzzle Lab

A LOT of SCIENCE happens at Boom Labs, and that means that there are dozens and dozens of unfinished or abandoned experiments hidden away in the complex. It’s a golden opportunity for a certain clever someone to figure out what the heck went wrong! Can you unravel their mysteries without exploding, dissolving, or becoming irrevocably poultry-ized forever?
When you experience The Boomsday Project’s free single-player content, The Puzzle Lab, you’ll discover that science is fun! And dangerous! Not necessarily in that order!”
It is a game mode that was added with The Boomsday Project expansion.
There are different categories that involves various puzzles. By finishing all of it you will get a special cardback.

What do we offer?

We offer a service for doing the puzzle lab for you. Our player will solve the challanges for you and clear the every wing (Lethal, Mirror, Board Clear and Survival).


  • A Heartstone account

Hearthstone Puzzle Lab


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