Battle of Dazar’alor 9/9 Mythic

What you get

  • A Mythic Battle of Dazar’alor carry run
  • 9/9 Mythic bosses killed
  • Item Level 415+ loot. An average of 5 items
  • Cutting Edge & Special Mythic Title
  • A lot of Azerite for your Heart of Azeroth
  • Any items you collect are yours to keep


Mounts & Pets

Extra Options

  • Piloted or Self Play
  • Extra Loot Traders
  • Full Mythic Gear


  • 120 Character with active game time
  • For Piloted, 400 item level is required
  • For Self Play, there is no item level requirement


  • We will never ask for your Secret Q&A
  • A VPN connection from your country
  • Full -or Partial Refund if something goes wrong

Dazar’alor Mythic


Requires item level 400

No item level requirement

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